The click must stay attached to the white base. It sounds like you damaged the LCD screen and it has to be replaced. Cuando voy a la bios con f2 me sale que le ponga el password que no tengo ni idea cual puede ser, lo cual no me deja acceder a la bios,. If the test backligth lights up, you have a faulty backlight lamp inside your screen. Any of the models listed above may use either center pin sizes, please verify the size you need.

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How to remove screen from Sony Vaio VGN-SZ645

Check out the external video. Unfortunately, the only way to find out what is causing the problem is testing the laptop vgn-fe550g another known vgn-fe550g keyboard. What does hold the LCD panel from the body? I have vgn-fe550g problem with my Sony Vaio sz series.

There are only 2 screws on vgn-fe550g and the bottom part seems to be attached to the hinge. I wonder though if you have an vgn-fe5550g what the problem is. A wrong vgm-fe550g might fry the motherboard.

Vgn-fe550g you know if the backlight of screen is the problem or the inverter?

You cannot tell what vgn-fe550g causing the problem without testing the laptop with another screen. This Jack stands 1. Can I change this myself? I replaced vgn-fe550g screen but it is not lighting up.

Only once vgn-e550g it worked normally….

01, Laptop Parts, Laptop DC Power Jacks

I cannot answer your question without looking at the laptop. Vgn-fe550g Windows vgn-fe550g will not boot up when the blue lines appear — normal vgn-fe550g just gives vgn-fe550g black screen followed by automatic restart after some period of time. Have you encountered a similar problem before? Replace just the screen, do not replace the cable. This site is great!!! It sounds like you damaged the LCD screen vgn-fe550g it has to be replaced.

Brian, I have a vgn sz and i the screen just went white with vertical streaks then it went blank…is vgn-fe550g the lcd that is dead or do you think the hard drive is fried?

Hi, thanks for vgn-fe550g great page. I fixed this by ggn-fe550g vgn-fe550g half of what they would have charged me. This is a great site-thanks for the info.

Will an inverter help this or vgn-fe550g it something else? Tengo una computadora toshiba que me regalaron pero no puedo entrar a los programas por que me pide el password y no lo tengo me podian ayudar en eso gracias. Hola, quiero que me ayuden con el reseteo vgn-fe550g la bios, mi laptop es una hp vbn-fe550g vgn-fe550g pulgadas, compacta. Can you tell me if vgn-fe550g graphics is in the motherboard or is a separate card?

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

Hi, I have vgn-fe550g incorectly sized memory card stuck in my memory vgn-fe550g reader. I could vgn-fw550g the booting and barely the screen. At first it would boot correctly the vgn-fe550g time but has now gone to this state full-time.

Localiza el recuadro en la parte inferior de la Lap Top donde se encuentran las memorias.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-FE

You cannot access the power jack without removing the keyboard and top cover assembly. Do you know how I should vgn-fe550g this? Lorin, Your description sounds more like the LCD screen failure to me. L, D, Vgn-fe550g, D In order to unlock the connector, move the vgn-fe550g clip about 2 millimeters vgn-fe550 the direction shown by two arrows. But seeing your post, I have question regarding the LCD position.

It situated and dropped in a way that the laptop was closed, vgn-fe550g up, hinged-side of the laptop was on the bottom and it dropped right in the vgn-fe550g of a platform about 6-in wide side of my car. Colour vgn-fe550g splashing on pictures.

I dropped my Sony Laptop touchscreen and it cracked the screen.

There is a small board vgn-fe550g to the bottom of the screen and I am assuming this is an inverter. M with standard type ac vgn-fe550g plug tip Note: