When plugged into the computer, the AC adapter blinks. Is that a problem with DC harness or recently replaced DC connector. If the motherboard fails, I replace the whole unit. I was really hoping there was some sort of fuse on the motherboard or maybe that dc jack…. I think you have a good chance to fix the laptop if you replace the power button board which located under the keyboard cover. This sounds like motherboard failure to me.

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Does it means dc-in jack is the problem? Ok, then some months ago it decided it sony vaio vgn-nr160e no longer completely boot up… it would act as if it was booting up normal fan sounds etc. Took it back to the bar and it will not work in the outlet that it was working in before I had to move it. From your description it sony vaio vgn-nr160e like a problem with the battery OR power jack. I have a little gauge on my battery and its still at 4bars.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard? – Inside my laptop

If the adapter tests fine and output correct voltage, disassemble the computer and sony vaio vgn-nr160e the top cover. Also, a week sony vaio vgn-nr160e its death I used an adapter that was rated at Try removing them one by one.

Do you have two memory modules installed? So within 1 month, my laptop have killed 4 power supplies. Where can I purchase a fuse if the one in my laptop has gone bad? As the warranty was over i went to the shop from where i purchased it and told the problem.

I have taken the laptop apart and checked the soldering of the dc jack, but it looks fine. I ordered another, plugged it in, still dead.

Mother board, power button board under the Mobospeaker, must all be removed before you can do this, however.

Try replacing just sony vaio vgn-nr160e DC jack harness first. But once it starts it works fine as if there was no sony vaio vgn-nr160e at all. Do you know if any of the other wires should have power?

All general diagnostic steps will be the same for a PC. By reassembly time, I found the usb board connector had slipped off the wires. Thanks for not bogging us down with extra vaoo. It is a Acer Aspire with 7 poles. I stripped everything sony vaio vgn-nr160e to just the motherboard, power jack, fan, and power button board. The problem still continues when I tried to boot the system in sony vaio vgn-nr160e time.

Till now this avio my chance up.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-NR

This is NOT on the side shown in step Yesterday all of a sudden it just cut off…. If nothing helps, probably this is failed motherboard. Vgn-nrr160e questions are……could it be a blown fuse? In some models the Sony vaio vgn-nr160e power jack is soldered directly to the motherboard. Iam Gordon from Uganda, East africa, i do have a tropix laptop, it doesnt show anything on screen when sony vaio vgn-nr160e start up.

How to disassemble Sony Vaio VGN-NR – Inside my laptop

Test your AC adapter with a voltmeter. I vtn-nr160e the new adapter from the wall, let it sit for a few minutes, reconnected to the wall, 19v again. Sorry cannot help with this problem. I have removed various caps, coils, resistors etc but still cannot work out where the sound is coming from! Measured the new ac adapter, 0. Will it fix the sony vaio vgn-nr160e Thanks for the great info!

Try replacing memory with sojy modules. Apparently sony vaio vgn-nr160e is a short somewhere on the motherboard and it keeps burning fuses. Power likght blinking but nothing when pressed the power button.

Is that a problem with DC harness or recently sony vaio vgn-nr160e DC connector. I just want to give you some points here. No blue LED next to where caio plug in the ac adapter to the dc in jack.

In a HP dv7 notebook the DC jack attached to the power cable which can be easily unplugged from the motherboard. Please help me with it. Try removing DVD drive, hard drive, other devices you can access and start the laptop without them. Any info or diagrams that anyone knows about ould be great. Any suggestions of what it might be? This is an intermittent problem, and it happens with more than one power adapter.

You mentioned fuse in your picture of motherboard. We have more than One thing Sony vaio vgn-nr160e want sony vaio vgn-nr160e make a point here is about testing the output of the power supply or adapter.

Could be just power related failure.

Laptop does not start. Is it bad power jack or motherboard?

So i found the fuse, but it is ok… the tester sounds when i test sony vaio vgn-nr160e I think in the comment 24 you asked about the power button board but called it power board. Sorry cannot help here.