The hard drive makes no odd sounds and spins as usual. This behavior is unlike with a needle and record where the needle simply follows along in grooves or tracks. Can anyone tell me what they think might be causing this since there is no clicking or beeping, no weird noises at all?? William King Reply December 22, Has anyone tried using dry ice instead?

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Sam Reply May 18, My daughters Mac Book, still under warranty, seems to have died, with the whirring noises described in the above postings. Just make sure you put it in a zip lock bag first. I will post my results. AC Reply April 12, So this technique will sony vaio vgn-fs630 w just as well with a Mac formatted hard drive as it does with a PC sony vaio vgn-fs630 w hard drive.

Brian Reply November 10, So I put my hard drive in the freezer. When I tried it no such luck it still made the horrible clicking noise and would not reboot. Please let me know if anyone else had luck after a dropped drive because the data recovery company told me it would cost up to It works like new for about 10 minutes, and then as the drive warms up, the performance drops until it is painfully slow.

You will need to put the whole drive in there. It was definitely not a coincidence because I played around with the drive for several sony vaio vgn-fs630 w without managing to get vgn-gs630 recognized by BIOS. The other thing it does is anytime I try to do anything on that drive, it locks up my system.

There still may be hope however. The kit was absolute salvation in my case… I was even thinking that since the kit allows me to have the sony vaio vgn-fs630 w out of the computer case, on the floor, I could continue to keep it cold with ice packs, but it was not necessary. Perhaps the freezing helps the circuit board on the harddrive.

Kimberly Reply March 25, Then overnight, and got about 10 mins out of it.

Sony vaio vgn-fs630 w I have a laptop still in warrenty which took a bang and is now not recognised, I am desperate to get the data back on it BEFORE i send it back to where I bought it because the last sonu this happened they just replaced the HDD. Maybe the manufactures should give a warning on their boxes? Last week I recieved a bad HD, that was spinning, and one click sometimes.

I suspect the HD might keep working for a while, too. I just recovered a dying Seagate 1TB hard drive by this method.

Put Your Hard Drive in the Freezer to Recover Data

Did you have any luck with putting your MyBook with power sony vaio vgn-fs630 w connected in the freezer and then pulling the data off? Computer Tech Popular Posts. Her docs are all archived. In rare instances, they never appear to fail again — very weird.

Zasilacze do laptopów – Szukaj części – Konfigurator QOLTEC

After a few minutes it booted up. So go for it, and good luck. I will update you as to what happens when I find out! I have a 1tb wd my passport external hard drive. I need to have get complete data for my phd thesis.

After a power outage computer sony vaio vgn-fs630 w not start. I useally have to do this about every month. I am willing because I am a vgn-f6s30 video editor with work on this drive.

My HD failed, it sony vaio vgn-fs630 w to stop 10 seconds after plugging it in.

The problem with freezing is that it is a path of no return. Could the same sony vaio vgn-fs630 w with a jump drive that is dead? What is the best type of zip eony bag should I purchase or do I need to buy something more durable.

Or does it have the potential to fail if it is soyn off? It would only make a clicky noise sometimes but then continue copying quietly afterwards. Just make sure that no moisture can get in. I then froze it for 2 hours left it is the freezer and punched a hole where the power goes and the usb plug goes. I was worried vgn-rs630 I sony vaio vgn-fs630 w facing a very expensive bill to extract the data a process my husband had to do a couple years ago — but not for photos.

I may try freezing it for longer and attempt to retrieve the rest of the data. I was completely skeptical. Lizbeth Reply October 27, I would not recommend putting the whole laptop in the freezer as this could cause soyn problems to the LCD screen, battery, and other components. Bass wave Reply November 7, Sony vaio vgn-fs630 w I left things in my freezer over night. You just save 4 months of photos and videos of my babies.

Hey, so i sony vaio vgn-fs630 w this freezing and i vvgn-fs630 it from 1pm-9pm the harddrive but when i put it back into the computer it still says boot system and makes the clicking noise?. Most hard drives do have a way to circulate air.