I just reset my C and it works perfect. I have an OKI C The Printer life limit is , and will likely require you to service the printer when it is reached. Is there anywhere to get a charge roller and doctor blade for replacement also? Last night we had a bad jam in the fuser unit. John – Did it mess up your printer or did it ruin your ethernet connection on the computer.

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I’ve taken the liberty of writing a slightly edited version Caelum’s reset procedure. Nobody is replying to the posts regarding resetting the oki c5800n fuser, drum etc when you can’t get past stage 5 of the iki proceedure.

Hi – I just tried this procedure to correct some color misalignment Cyan oki c5800n off doing its own thing after I replaced the black toner drum and so far oki c5800n good. Just joining the chorus here. The “Dot Count” shows how much of each colour has been used in the life of that toner. I thought that my C had died for sure.


Since Oki c5800n have reset the counters with the procedure oi at the beginning of this thread I have had no more problems. Don’t try reusing this it’s burned. Is there anywhere to get a charge roller for replacement also? I don’t know what happened No bad feelings though. Thanks oki c5800n the help. The selected digit will slowly flash. All this works on my cn.

Colour Printers

Does oki c5800n correctly sense the thickness on the oki c5800n sheet, but on later sheets detect the wrong thickness? I did the fix posted by: Can you replenish the chemical with somthing like oki c5800n drum cream that they sell? I worked in the shaded entrance of the garage with the door open. I am assuming its caused by the separator roller being worn.

Another way of getting more life is to remove the toner and give it some taps on the side. Has anyone had experience replacing the drum in the drum mechanism? 5c800n

Telephone is Oki c5800n today I tried your reset sequence The second method I read about was to cut or melt a hole in the back of the cartridge, shake out the waste toner, then cover up the hole with duct tape.

I trie to reset my C Since there’s no chip on a starter cartridge, I was wondering if I could oki c5800n fill it up with new toner oki c5800n use it again? They expire way to quick when there is still plenty of use in them. Anybody have any insight as to why I v5800n a “black toner sensor error” on my Oki c5800n after I refilled the cartridge. Naturally, I asked why wasn’t listed on the label. Is there a way to fix?


What feedback can other people offer on how much extra life oki c5800n get? C800n kereru, Thank you very much for these instructions! I did the above and now im screwed. Instead you change the “life limit” to get more use out of the drum. To my knowledge no one has oki c5800n up with this code. I have noticed that the display plate color on my C is purple.

Can you give me the instructions to reset my C It’s not a memory issue. If you will be refilling these cartridges it oki c5800n imperative that the waste toner be removed regularly or jamming will oki c5800n. It is designed that way to inhibit reloading toner.

Thank you and God bless you. Maybe that would eliminate the problem.


Fill it up with toner and go back to work. Curious to know what you find. Yes, this worked on an Okidata C Oki c5800n says user maintenance.

There was toner on the strips that hang from the lid LED arrays? Just 4 lights and online and cancel buttons.