August 25, at 1: It works with windoes 7 32 without any problem. October 31, at 6: September 5, at January 28, at 2: October 25, at 6: What am I supposed to do?

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September 30, at After about an hour of fiddling got it to work on my laptop running Vista.

What am I doing wrong here? July 17, at Did you press the PS button while in the game controller screen?

As for USB Drivers…. The computer is picking up the device but not recognizing the inputs. I went onto the motionjoything to have a look. Hey I had the same problem you did, how do I fix it? May 29, at 1: If you do not do this, it will not detect your controller gamee.

We have instructions on blocking the drivers with a firewall, and new screenshots. August 9, at 5: Those guys rock too.

A question though, why does it register the L2 and R2 buttons as Z-rotation instead of them being button 5 and 6? It seems it started when i typed in the 2 commands into CMD. November We have updated our guide for Windows 8. August 31, at 8: May 6, at A lot of people seem to have problems getting this to work with Vista SP2. How do ya motioninjoy playstation 3 xbox 360 dualshock 3 sixaxis game games with that after you have installed all the drivers and everything is working fine?

Just one thing I noticed. All that is happening is the 4 lights are flashing on the controller.

Xbox コントローラーと PS3 コントローラーを PC で使うために非公式ドライバやツール、設定に関するネット情報を集めてみました 【 awgs Foundry 】

April 8, at November 12, at 6: Can u upload the offline file to another site? Does everyone get the watermark on the bottom right? The computer was running a bit slow so I tried going online, after a while nothing would respond so I swiched it off for the night.

I selected install motionjoy driver and waited about 2 minutes then BAM…. Also, when it does open, it doesnt say quickstart and custom at the top, paystation says profiles and driver manager.

I have done everything, I have the 1.

Like Carl Nelson said, try using xpadder to configure the buttons on the controller to be like WSAD and mouse movement to the right joystick. If anyone have any advice on fixing this dualhsock, I would greatly appreciate it. My prob ist das nach dem installieren etc.

I did try running DS3 Tool as an administrator, and tried give the program privileges throw control panel, but nothing worked. March 15, at October 31, at 6: Yes… Im computer alliterate, so if you could help me, thatd be great.

The motioninjjoy is not detected anymore. I just have one question. Just bought Black Ops, but cannot seem to get the controller to work with it in the settings of controls.

How to Use a Playstation 3 Controller in 64 bit Windows 7 and Vista

For some reason, most developers have abandoned support for standard controllers, in favor of proprietary XBOX drivers. December 4, at I got it to work just fine in XP x I motioninjoy playstation 3 xbox 360 dualshock 3 sixaxis game figure it out and re-map things but a real annoyance to have to do so. July 4, playstagion 7: June 1, at 4: January 7, at In other words, will I have to disable the driver signature enforcement every time I boot my system, regardless of whether I plan on using the controller during that time or not?

June 25, at 5: Motiominjoy a nice modification to the boot-loader which will choose disable signature enforcement for you, works with Vista SP2 no trouble, just keep in mind if motioninjou have dual boot setting it up may get a bit tricky.