Also called White Swan. Reference unknown; see Northwood disambiguation for possibilities. The superhero nickname of the character Bart Simpson. Reference unknown; possibly Broadwater, Nebraska. Somewehre in the US there is a city by that name. Intel SAI2 server motherboard. Also codenamed Sandy Bridge-EP.

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Intel SUR two-socket server motherboard.

Vanderpoola small settlement in Bandera County, Texas. ATX form factor, Slot 1. The system identification information screen in BIOS Setup provides d845gebc2 following product information:. Intel XT2 server Ethernet adapter. Itanium 2the fifth-generation Itanium. For various meanings see Dempsey. The first bit Xeon processor. Intel DP67BG enthusiast desktop motherboard.

How to Identify Your Intel® Desktop Board

Board labels provide the following product information:. Reference unknown, possibly a stream in California. All models have GMA integrated graphics. Probably named after Mount Katmaia volcano in the Katmai Park in Alaska, the site of a colossal eruption. Massively multi-core CPU based on mini-cores. Based on the Niantic controller chip. Calexicobowrd city in Imperial County, California. Archived from the original on August 8, intel desktop board d845gebv2 d845pesv Reference unknown; see Millville disambiguation for possibilities.

Intel DX79SI desktop motherboard. Based on the GM Attla controller.

Supported Processors for Intel® Desktop Boards

Intel SL [36] [37] four-socket motherboards, aimed at rack servers. Banias was the last of the non-US city names. Part of the Santa Rosa platform.

Possibly named after Fortvillea town in Indiana.

Mount Robsonthe highest point in the Canadian Rockies. Your computer manufacturer might have customized drivers and software to enable or alter features, or provide improved operation on your computer. Possibly cancelled or renamed.

Intel DB65AL desktop motherboard. Intel DEFV desktop motherboard.

Supported Processors for Intel® Desktop Boards

Dual-Core Xeon series. Juneau is the capital of the U. A and A mobile processors, based on Dothan. Based on the I controller chip Powerville.

Attaches via PCIe and resembles a graphics card. Successor to the Nehalem microarchitecture. Aimed at the high-performance computing segment.

Reference unknown; see Lindenhurst disambiguation for possibilities. Intel CT desktop Ethernet adapter.

Intel company press release. Based on the LSI E chip. Reference unknown; see Hillel disambiguation for possibilities. For this reason, we don’t offer technical or warranty support for a board distributed by a computer manufacturers. D845gev2 from the original on October 16, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use intel desktop board d845gebv2 d845pesv Privacy Policy. Hyper-threading technology, Intel’s term for simultaneous multithreadingintroduced in the Foster MP Xeon processor.

Reference unknown; see Foxton disambiguation for possibilities. Atom E series processors, aimed at embedded applications. Intel DH77DF desktop motherboard.