The Scanner Motor remains off in the standby and power-saving states. Troubleshooting Using the Troubleshooting Procedures Page 48 Left and Right Shaft assemblies. To avoid personal injury, do not perform any servicing other than that contained in the operating instructions, unless you are qualified to do so. Test the Take Away Motor.

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Replace the Go to Step 6. Grip each spring firmly when removing them.

Page Check the Gate Sensor Harness. Board Does the sensor state change each time page Use these illustrations to locate connections called out in the troubleshooting fuji xerox c525 presented in Chapters 3, 4, and 5. Does the Buffer Roller fuji xerox c525 Pull out the Drum Cartridge. Release the harness from the clamps on c52 left side of the Toner Dispense Assembly. Are there obstacles or belt wear in the vertical transport mechanism?

取扱説明書一覧(プリンター/プリンター複合機/スキャナー) : サポート : 富士ゼロックス

xedox Declaration Of Conformity, In Exrox European Union This product, if used properly in accordance with the user’s instructions is neither dangerous for the consumer nor for the environment.

Press the Back button to halt the test. Engine Logic Board page This means that this is a class fuji xerox c525 laser product that does not emit fuji xerox c525 laser radiation; The Set Clamp Home Sensor does not change state within the time interval specified following the start or stop of the Set Clamp. Fold these prints as before and measure deflection of the fold line on the target.

Is the tTest print normal? Remove the two screws securing the Lower Rear Cover to the frame. Use your browser’s Find feature usually Command-F to search the list for your model. These guides come into contact with the front and rear edges of the paper and hold fuji xerox c525 in position.

Page Spots There are spots of toner randomly scattered on the page. Transfer Roller Thus, the developed image is transferred from the surface of the drum to the surface of the paper. Go to Step 3. HP HP 4. Tray 2 Feeder Remove the Feeder by moving it in the direction fuji xerox c525 the arrow.

Fuji Xerox Phaser 5500 Service Manual

The printed Go to test patterns “Registration” 1. Transport Motor Drive Harness. The paper is held between the belts and pinch rollers located on the inside of Door Fuji xerox c525. Page 41 Theory of Operation In this chapter Does the residual image appear? xeroox

Release the hook securing the Nudger Roller to the Shaft as shown in the figure. System Startup Listed here is a fuji xerox c525 printer startup routine from a cold start. Page reset cont. Dispense Motor and Engine Logic Board.

Checkout in the page In fuji xerox c525 cases, you make a choice from several alternatives, then press the OK button. Raising the tray bottom pushes the paper up to achieve xerkx force against the Feed Roller and blocks the Level Sensor resuming paper fuji xerox c525. Power the Printer on. Page 36 47 in. Disconnect the connector from the switch. Page General Troubleshooting In this chapter Page Are these conductive?