The smart monitoring algorithm for video surveillance provides biometric facial identification, as well as identifies whether subjects in motion are people or objects and detects when defined borders have been crossed, triggering alerts in law enforcement and security monitoring systems. The single biometrics SDKs have been also updated: The new versions support development of Web-based applications, live face detection and incorporate MegaMatcher core algorithms for reliable biometric identification. January 10, MegaMatcher 4. Scans up to 4 flat finger simultaneously. July 26, NCheck Finger Attendance version 1. June 26, Ultrasound Research Group at Neurotechnology announces new 3D printing method based on ultrasonic manipulation technology.

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These biometric scanners and cameras are now supported by the MegaMatcher 4. The unified biometric SDK version numbering is introduced to digent fingerprint more clear communication with customers. The program is intended for integrators who have developed solution using our technologies. This improves digent fingerprint accuracy and makes VeriSpeak suitable for digent fingerprint in real-time online audio processing, as the application can listen constantly and react as soon as voice recognition is completed.

The improved VeriLook algorithm now includes the new face features quality control, improved face and eyes detection precision and enrollment from stream. A day trial version is available for download.

digent fingerprint The subsidiary provides a wide range of digent fingerprint scanners and other biometric hardware equipment. Configurable facial template size and improved template generalization. You can visit us here at stand Fingerprint, iris and face biometrics can be used in any combination, including tri-modal verification on smart card.

Supported Biometric Scanners and Sensors

Iris modality — new eye segmentation digent fingerprint that can process eyes captured at any orientation, eyes with heavily dilated pupils and even eyes captured not only in near-infrared, digent fingerprint also in visible light spectrum range.

Enriched Android support — a new multi-modal sample and new liveness check capabilities that provide support for custom liveness checks. The original proprietary eye iris recognition algorithm detects and digent fingerprint for irregularities and obstructions.

December 31, VeriFinger 6. Shift support and attendance planning allow the creation of reports according to defined shift times and pre-defined attendance plans.

Both products can be used together to create embedded multi-biometric applications on a variety of systems and compact mobile devices. The plug-in automatically detects faces in a frame, tracks the faces or manually selected objects in subsequent frames and hides the faces by using pixelation effect.

The new version features improved face detection algorithm. The new version includes a number of significant enhancements and features: Support for new liveness modes for facial recognition. The iris recognition algorithm provides enhanced accuracy through improved iris extraction capabilities.

The research engineers from Neurotechnology came in first place out of 2, teams who entered the Kaggle competition. Our template generator algorithm has been ranked the first in the NIST MINEX interoperability category; the fingerprint matching algorithm ranks second and, when combined, the two rank as the most accurate high speed fingerprint recognition system. Digent fingerprint SentiSight technology provides versatile and digent fingerprint recognition using still or video images from a wide variety of cameras and webcams.

VeriLook demo is available for download. SentiBotics enables the rapid development and testing of mobile robots and comes with software, sample programs, a tracked platform digent fingerprint grasping robotic arm, 3D vision, object digent fingerprint and autonomous navigation capabilities. January 9, Neurotechnology introduces biometric technologies and software development kits for smartphones and mobile devices running digent fingerprint Android platform:.

The new version includes these updates:. MegaMatcher On Card 3. Object recognition products feature general SDK updates.

Multiple partial fingerprint scans can be efficiently merged into a single template with the new generalization algorithm. February fingefprint, MegaMatcher On Card 9. December 7, NCheck Bio Attendance 3. Voice modality — an entirely new voice recognition algorithm provides digent fingerprint recognition accuracy in text-independent scenarios.

Digent fingerprint 10, MegaMatcher 4. FingerCell EDK was restructured. The same algorithms are also available in the MegaMatcher Embedded 1.

The technology includes new face detection and tracking algorithms and support for up to 10 surveillance digent fingerprint with one GPU for faster, easier, more digent fingerprint identification. The new version of the solution for large-scale AFIS or multi-biometric systems features:.

SkyBiometry provides a cloud platform for fast, accurate biometric technology, introduces face biometrics digent fingerprint with face detection, feature analysis and identification. June 18, New devices supported: July 6, Neurotechnology introduces VeriSpeak voice identification technology. The new version features 3 times faster and more reliable fingerprint matching engine.

December 12, Neurotechnology launches SkyBiometry spin-off digent fingerprint to deliver SaaS biometric identification and feature analysis. June 14, Neurotechnology researchers win Kaggle competition with deep neural network based fish species classification solution digent fingerprint The Nature Conservancy Fisheries Monitoring.

June 26, Ultrasound Research Group at Neurotechnology announces new 3D printing method based on ultrasonic manipulation technology. You are welcome to meet us at booth 4 K and to contact us in advance to reserve digent fingerprint meeting time.

August 6, Digent fingerprint devices are supported:.

01 – Драйвер-пак Biometric

Iris and voice biometrics products feature general SDK updates. VeriLook SDK is available for the developers of biometric systems.

The new API also makes it simple to switch between the local computer digent fingerprint the required server-side solution and enables the application digent fingerprint be scaled up as needed. March 2, All biometric and object recognition products have been updated. June 25, New fingerprint readers are fingetprint by MegaMatcher 4.