Kyle is spot on. Hello, what is the HP part number for the Mother Board for this laptop? Is it posible to do it? Is there a board or chip or something that I can buy and replace? Another common example is a laptop that will appear to power up, but there is no graphics output to the LCD panel or to an external screen. I have to constantly fine adjust the monitor up and down the toward the keyboard and away from the keyboard until I reach a point where the monitor screen allows me to browse normally.

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I took apart my F to get rid of the dust and after reassembling the laptop, the screen stays off but the power compaq f730us is on. The touchpad is not working.

I have one of these compaq f730us and have been going through the same issues everyone else has. This just compaq f730us began, one morning the blue light just stayed orange even when the switch was turned to on.

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard

This will compaq f730us wireless connection and it will be on all the time. Green screws securing the keyboard. Can someone please help me.

Regretably the phone rang and I ended up with a 12 minute bake. I already have compaq f730us the inversor and nothing happen, so I changed the Backlight It was not easy and when I power it on I can see the light is working but the screen is nos showing compaq f730us, the screen is in black.

How to Reflow a Laptop Motherboard in a Household Oven, Repair Guide

The repair involved re-flowing the solder around the GPU chip. Incidentally, following the procedures outlined in this guide make removing the display panel a snap.

It is possible that a crucial connection has been broken by weakened solder. I would suggest just buying a new laptop. I never would compaq f730us guessed that I could compaq f730us a compaq f730us motherboard in the kitchen oven.

Computer Repair Tips August 23, at 3: How would I secure those loose connectors to the pins? Is it worthwhile to check processor to see if heatsink is seated properly? I f30us maxed out the ram to 2gig and gig hardrive.

All four lights flashing — 0 One light flashing — 1 Two Lights flashing — 2 Three lights flashing — 3. Para que sirven dos cables finos que compaq f730us al lado del power boton y siguen para compaq f730us del display de compaq f730us Presario F Gracias. Lam September 25, at 6: I have a Comaq Presario F and the problem I am having with mines is it boots up but when it starts loading to Windows it loads very very slow now and I just end up ocmpaq it off.

When the oven reaches the target temp, turn it off.

I have a Compaq Presario F and the motherboard needs to be replaced. Have 2 laptops that compaq f730us not been working. I had a bit of a problem figuring compaq f730us how to disconnect one of the cables so this was easier. Arinder Soomal June 12, at 4: The screen is still bright and you can see it, correct?

Hewlett Packard (HP) Network Drivers Download

HP people says maximum suport is 2GB. But laptops touchpad doesnt. Test your AC compqa with a voltmeter. So, now the power jack is pushed wayyy up in the port. I dropped my laptop and broke the screen. Thanks again for all your help. Apparently the battery charging circuit compaq f730us not working properly anymore. If there is no physical switch, most likely compaq f730us model has a magnetic switch hidden somewhere inside the laptop.

You can buy a new DC jack on eBay. Is there a good web sight to purchase a cooling fan for compaq f730us unit?